1.0 Home


Okay, this is it! We are moving into the first apartment, which is in 1313 21 Chic Street. This is a part of the Fashion District, and I have always considered the area to be rather high-quality. But this apartment is the cheapest one (added costs of rent and deposit), we’re going to have to start right here. The apartment description tells me that there is something off with this apartment. I wonder what that is. It looks fine to me.


screen-8There is the chalk print of a dead body in the middle of my living room. I think (!) I found the odd thing here… If I was Catherine, I would be out of here before someone could say “chalk”, but thankfully I don’t have to live there. Just see the print every time I open the game. Great. Can we move soon, please?screen-10

Catherine takes the first step immediately and finds a job. She has always wanted to become a doctor, or at least for the last twenty minutes. Hold on, something looks off about her. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s off. Dammit, that is going to bug me.


On her way to find some collectibles or other things she can turn into money (remember – she has exactly zero $ in her account), she walks down the street in front of her apartment. There is a violin player who plays quite beautifully, but unfortunately, she hasn’t got any money to donate. So we just watch for a bit and then move on.

screen-14A supposedly shy guy talks her up, but she is not very impressed. May have something to do with his outer appearance, he looks a bit odd.screen-17

See what I mean? Also, he didn’t offer her any fruit cake (which is served with a bow, apparently). Rude!


Before we get the notification that there are some people waiting to welcome her to the neighbourhood, we rummage around this random box in the middle of the street. Maybe there is a snow globe for me to sell. And voila! 20 $ are added to our account.


Then she hurries upstairs to greet her guests. Oh look, fruit cake guy is one of her neighbors, apparently. And he brought her the rest of his meal?! Do I find that endearing or gross? Anyway, she invites them in and they talk right next to the body print.


See? I wasn’t kidding. They don’t give a care in the world. Funnily enough, other people’s sims have been doing the exact same thing. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal… Maybe that is just in my head….


The conversation is interrupted as Miko (the girl in pink) randomly bursts into song. She is good, though, so we listen politely. I think I would like to be friends with this girl. Catherine approves of her, too – her wishes tell me that. She wants to become friends with Miko. Considering her aspiration this isn’t much of a surprise, but still.


Miko and Catherine then head to some public lot. I think it’s the local park? Although I have been playing in San Myshuno quite a bit, I still have trouble finding my way here. Anyway, it’s beautiful and I am hoping for some things to harvest or collect, because we still have only 20 $ in our bank account. That is nowhere near the money we need for a bed…


Catherine finds two frogs (Yikes!) and sells them for 45$. This way we aren’t going to move anytime soon, sigh. Her needs suddenly drop, and after a quick rummage through a few bins in town she heads to the gym to take a nap there (Yes, I do realize this is not why most people go to the gym, but we’re desperate).


After taking a shower, that is. I find it very amusing how she falls asleep in nothing but a towel. Aren’t you cold?? I would be freezing!


Afterwards she decides to get a snack in the local bar. It’s Gentlemen’s night, which means that there are almost exclusively male sims. Not too bad, not too bad…


She doesn’t have the innocent “Okay, don’t look now, but that guy is a total hottie”-gaze down yet. The blond guy most likely noticed that she was looking at him… oh well. No conversation follows, so it didn’t matter, anyway.


Since it’s getting closer to morning and Catherine is exhausted, she decides to crash her neighbor’s place and take a nap. Penny Pizzazz doesn’t mind her neighbour taking a nap on her couch, she continues to play a car racing game with four different characters at once (how?!). Eventually, Catherine has to leave for work. She is still tired and I hope that she is going to make it through the day. We’ll see.

Final thoughts: Oh well, that start wasn’t too bad. We earned 140 $ in total: the frogs, the snow globe and a teddy bear (!) she found in the trash. Tomorrow we will try to earn enough money for a cheap bed. She definitely needs a place to sleep.


2 thoughts on “1.0 Home

  1. Wait… wasn’t her hair green?

    Anyway. This is a nice start. She seems to be taking advantage of her resources, though having a place to sleep is a good thing. My favorite part of the crowd scenes are the sims in the background. Like, is that guy in the bar doing push-ups in his pajamas???


    • No, that is his actual outfit Oo Maybe a bet or something? And yeah, you remembered correctly – it took me a few days to figure out WHAT was wrong, though. 😉 At some point I looked at her and thought “wait a minute, why is your hair black?”…


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