1.1 Work hard, play hard


The first day of work turned out to be eventful. Everyone was nice to her, and her colleagues made sure to show her around, but there was just so much to do.


Obviously, Catherine was not allowed to treat any patients just yet, so she had to take care of them instead. This included getting them food, talking to them and making sure that they felt as comfortable as possible. Also, she had to clean the rooms after the patients had been released, wipe up puddles of questionable origin and keep her colleagues entertained whenever there was a lull. At the end of the day Catherine was exhausted.


With 188$ more in her bank account she went to a local karaoke bar to unwind. It seemed like a good place to meet new people and get her needs up. She desperately needed some fun, and listening to music seemed like a good way to do so.


She met her friend Miku (Muki? Miko? Dammit) and they talked for a while, too. While I was checking out the cute guys in the room, I suddenly got a “ka-ching” noise and saw that her money had decreased by 21$. What had happened? Apparently, Catherine decided to get some fancy drink as a reward for her first day at work. It didn’t matter that she had no furniture at home, and only about 300$ in total. An expensive drink seemed to be appropriate. Great. This way we will never get her place furnished.  But hey, suit yourself.


To make sure that we got closer to a promotion, and therefore more money, Catherine worked extra-hard the next days. She took great care of all her patients and fulfilled every single need her colleagues had. Well, I basically made her do that, but still. It paid off, though.a-15a-16

After the second day of work we were already able to purchase a bed and half of a bathroom, as well as some basic (and used) kitchen stuff. All thanks to her work performance, the first promotion and some stuff she was given that could be used for work, but was sold by me immediately.


After the previous days had been entirely dedicated to work, she now had a day off. She wanted to use it to catch up with the friends she’d made, like girl-with-pink-hair-whose-name-I-still-have-to-look-up. Said girl was in a bad mood, though, and blew her off quickly.


Bummed, Catherine decided to walk through town and collect some stuff she could sell later. There were many bins to search. While she was buried in rubbish, it dawned on me. Green. Her hair was green. Did the game decide she couldn’t afford to dye her hair? What was that all about?

a-50After a little makeover at the mirror in the gym, she continued her trip through town and found some frogs which she was able to sell to some collectors. I have never done this before, but saw it while watching imaginingmystic’s Movin On Up, and figured it was worth a try. Although I don’t like frogs.a-55That night she got a call from Miko (I looked it up) who invited her to a karaoke party. Hoping she wanted to make up for her crappy behaviour earlier, Catherine changed out of her pyjamas and ran over there. Or did she take a cab? You never know without the open neighbourhoods from TS3. a-57

The party turned out to be Miko singing in a rather purple room with all the other rooms unoccupied. It wasn’t that exciting, to be honest, but at least the girls got to talk afterwards. And Miko is a really good singer, so that was a plus.


At some point they got talked up by a cute elder man, who, unfortunately, was far more interested in Miko than in Catherine. I am starting to look for someone who could match her, so I was a little bummed. More than her, probably.


Another free day. While it’s good that she gets some time to catch her breath, this also means no steady income. We headed to Willow Creek today, one of the basic neighbourhoods of the game, to try fishing. While this is giving me the creeps, she didn’t seem to mind at all. And although she was not very successful – only one fish in 5 hours –, she had a lot of fun. We then proceeded to search the neighbourhood for more frogs and the like, and ended up with 775$ in the bank. Yay for free days, found time capsules, fossils and frogs. Also, she picked a few posters out in San Myshuno, which you get for free and can then sell. An excellent way to make money quickly, unless the storage boxes are out of posters (which happens frequently). Still, the rare posters can get you up to 200$, which is pretty amazing.


To finish the day successfully, she grabbed some cereal from her questionable fridge and joined a crowd downstairs. Miko and the guy in black (who she also knew already, remember the first day?) were there, as well as a girl in an interesting top. They chatted for a few hours, and then she headed home. Tomorrow it was back to work!

Final thoughts: As I said, there are some great ways to make money quickly. Gaining posters and time capsules has proved to be very effective, but it still feels like I am moving slowly. The apartment needs to be furnished before I can move on to the next one, and there is still a lot to buy, which means that I will have to spend another thousand bucks or so. Also, we can’t seem to find someone Catherine is interested in. We’ll see what the next days will bring…


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