1.2 Move it


The promotion at work meant that Catherine was given more responsible tasks now. She not only talked to patients, but made some basic examinations. Checking someone’s temperature, looking for abnormalities in their eyes and ears, and doing a Pap test [is that real English? Had to look it up o:-) ) were some of the things she did on a regular basis now.


This whole ear thing turned out to be rather tricky, though. Look at the picture closely to see what is going terribly wrong here.


To unwind, she stopped by Kibo’s place. He is the guy in black who she hung out with a lot lately. His eyes have returned to a normal state and no longer look add, I am happy to announce.


Even though you can’t see it here, because I tend to get only pictures with a side view of him. I promise they are normal!


See, side view again. I loved that they did some karaoke together, though, and I felt like there was a connection between them. One that I could try to exploit. He honestly grew on me, and the shared love of music would definitely make for an interesting relationship.


She fell asleep with a great view. What you can see in the background is the place we will eventually end up in. The most expensive apartment is in there, and it’s our goal to reach it at some point, in a few generations.


Before we do, we have to take care of some troubles in our cheap apartments, though. By now I figured out why the rent is so low in this apartment – no day goes by without something going wrong. Cockroaches and mice moved in a while ago, and frequently show up. Also, our electrical panel started acting up. I already had this problem in a previous game, and after the landlord refused to do something about it, I tried fixing it by myself. Yeah, no such luck. It ended with the power going out every 2-3 hours in the apartment, and I had to move eventually. Thankfully Catherine can be quite charming, and therefore the landlord fixed all the troubles that occurred here.


When it got too bad, she could always crash at friends’ places. Penny, for example, always had some space on her couch or in her bed. We need to get out of this apartment, and soon. I am going stir-crazy with all these vermin, and Catherine feels the same way.


That is why I was beyond thrilled when we were able to buy some new furniture after the tenth day. The apartment was still not done, but we were close. She hadn’t gotten a promotion in forever, which may have something to do with the fact that I didn’t accompany her to the hospital? I am not sure. Technically, she had fulfilled all the requirements that were necessary for her to get promoted, but she just stayed in her low-paid job. After the next few days, which were her off days, I was going to go with her and check this out.


The following days were just as busy as the regular work days, but less exhausting. We collected a lot of money and managed to bring in more than 1000$ within 48 hours. Not too bad! Most of this came from frogs and posters, as well as a few found time capsules. Fishing still turned out to be a disaster, she just couldn’t catch anything good. Oh well.


When we got back to work the next day, the lady at the information desk looked a whole lot different than before. Greener. Turned out she had died while I was too busy to accompany to Catherine to work – is that supposed to be a silent reproach or something? I am not amused. However, we did a good job that day, because we finally GOT THAT PROMOTION! About 500 $ came into our bank account that day, and we finally managed to fill the emptiness in the apartment.


We now had a living room, a kitchen slash dining room, a bedroom and a work room which could also be used to perform yoga. That’s right. Yoga.


A sufficiently furnished place can only mean one thing: Time to… MOVE ON UP! Next stop: Culpepper House 19.

Final thoughts: I made it through the first apartment! On Day 14 we were able to move. Rent and deposit for Culpepper House 19 is 1150$, the deposit being 550$. Since we had a deposit of 600$ for Catherine’s old place, we got 50$ of our deposit back and we moved into the new place with 1392$. We had to take all the old things with us and move into the unfurnished apartment, so about 1200 $ were immediately spent on new, better furniture.


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