1.3 Come on, let’s twist again


The inevitable welcoming party resulted in four people – including Catherine – standing directly next to the door, chatting for hours without moving much. Sounds familiar? Yeah, because that is the same thing they did in Catherine’s first flat. Some things just don’t change at all.


As soon as the other people, whose names I don’t remember, anyway, had left, Penny and Miko stopped by for a few hours. Both had keys to the old apartment, and apparently, they automatically receive one for the new apartment as soon as a move occurs.  How convenient.


Catherine mostly ignored Penny in favour of Miko, and autonomously tried to flirt with her. It seems like I missed some signs here.


…rejected. Miko’s facepalm said more than a thousand words. While I felt bad for Catherine, this was just hilarious to watch.


Catherine didn’t feel very amused – she proceeded to hide in her bed until the feeling of shame went away after an hour or so. Yup, that is a thing they do. Very relatable.


After the next day’s promotion Catherine felt like celebrating. Her co-worker suggested going out after work to have a drink a dance a little, together with a few other people, and Catherine agreed. The shame of last night’s rejection had vanished, and she was ready to go out again. She didn’t even bother to change clothes, but went out in her work outfit instead. I’m just blood she didn’t perform a bloody surgery or something similar, otherwise this might have been awkward…


Of course, Miko stopped by, as well. It was of the hippest bars, after all, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Catherine decided not to be bothered and completely ignored her over the course of the evening. Instead, she spent a lot of time talking to her co-worker Aarush. He had already seemed like a nice guy in the hospital, and the more she talked to him, the more she liked him. Maybe this was going to go somewhere?


Well, at least he didn’t facepalm. Or maybe he didn’t feel like she was talking to him directly, because the old dude stood in the way this entire time?


Mhmmm, I think he knew that she was talking to him. They had a great time, although the old dude kept dancing right between them. So hilarious! He just couldn’t take a hint. Maybe we have a dramatic (and unintended) love-triangle coming up?


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