1.3 Come on, let’s twist again


The inevitable welcoming party resulted in four people – including Catherine – standing directly next to the door, chatting for hours without moving much. Sounds familiar? Yeah, because that is the same thing they did in Catherine’s first flat. Some things just don’t change at all.


As soon as the other people, whose names I don’t remember, anyway, had left, Penny and Miko stopped by for a few hours. Both had keys to the old apartment, and apparently, they automatically receive one for the new apartment as soon as a move occurs.  How convenient.


Catherine mostly ignored Penny in favour of Miko, and autonomously tried to flirt with her. It seems like I missed some signs here.


…rejected. Miko’s facepalm said more than a thousand words. While I felt bad for Catherine, this was just hilarious to watch.


Catherine didn’t feel very amused – she proceeded to hide in her bed until the feeling of shame went away after an hour or so. Yup, that is a thing they do. Very relatable.


After the next day’s promotion Catherine felt like celebrating. Her co-worker suggested going out after work to have a drink a dance a little, together with a few other people, and Catherine agreed. The shame of last night’s rejection had vanished, and she was ready to go out again. She didn’t even bother to change clothes, but went out in her work outfit instead. I’m just blood she didn’t perform a bloody surgery or something similar, otherwise this might have been awkward…


Of course, Miko stopped by, as well. It was of the hippest bars, after all, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Catherine decided not to be bothered and completely ignored her over the course of the evening. Instead, she spent a lot of time talking to her co-worker Aarush. He had already seemed like a nice guy in the hospital, and the more she talked to him, the more she liked him. Maybe this was going to go somewhere?


Well, at least he didn’t facepalm. Or maybe he didn’t feel like she was talking to him directly, because the old dude stood in the way this entire time?


Mhmmm, I think he knew that she was talking to him. They had a great time, although the old dude kept dancing right between them. So hilarious! He just couldn’t take a hint. Maybe we have a dramatic (and unintended) love-triangle coming up?


1.2 Move it


The promotion at work meant that Catherine was given more responsible tasks now. She not only talked to patients, but made some basic examinations. Checking someone’s temperature, looking for abnormalities in their eyes and ears, and doing a Pap test [is that real English? Had to look it up o:-) ) were some of the things she did on a regular basis now.


This whole ear thing turned out to be rather tricky, though. Look at the picture closely to see what is going terribly wrong here.


To unwind, she stopped by Kibo’s place. He is the guy in black who she hung out with a lot lately. His eyes have returned to a normal state and no longer look add, I am happy to announce.


Even though you can’t see it here, because I tend to get only pictures with a side view of him. I promise they are normal!


See, side view again. I loved that they did some karaoke together, though, and I felt like there was a connection between them. One that I could try to exploit. He honestly grew on me, and the shared love of music would definitely make for an interesting relationship.


She fell asleep with a great view. What you can see in the background is the place we will eventually end up in. The most expensive apartment is in there, and it’s our goal to reach it at some point, in a few generations.


Before we do, we have to take care of some troubles in our cheap apartments, though. By now I figured out why the rent is so low in this apartment – no day goes by without something going wrong. Cockroaches and mice moved in a while ago, and frequently show up. Also, our electrical panel started acting up. I already had this problem in a previous game, and after the landlord refused to do something about it, I tried fixing it by myself. Yeah, no such luck. It ended with the power going out every 2-3 hours in the apartment, and I had to move eventually. Thankfully Catherine can be quite charming, and therefore the landlord fixed all the troubles that occurred here.


When it got too bad, she could always crash at friends’ places. Penny, for example, always had some space on her couch or in her bed. We need to get out of this apartment, and soon. I am going stir-crazy with all these vermin, and Catherine feels the same way.


That is why I was beyond thrilled when we were able to buy some new furniture after the tenth day. The apartment was still not done, but we were close. She hadn’t gotten a promotion in forever, which may have something to do with the fact that I didn’t accompany her to the hospital? I am not sure. Technically, she had fulfilled all the requirements that were necessary for her to get promoted, but she just stayed in her low-paid job. After the next few days, which were her off days, I was going to go with her and check this out.


The following days were just as busy as the regular work days, but less exhausting. We collected a lot of money and managed to bring in more than 1000$ within 48 hours. Not too bad! Most of this came from frogs and posters, as well as a few found time capsules. Fishing still turned out to be a disaster, she just couldn’t catch anything good. Oh well.


When we got back to work the next day, the lady at the information desk looked a whole lot different than before. Greener. Turned out she had died while I was too busy to accompany to Catherine to work – is that supposed to be a silent reproach or something? I am not amused. However, we did a good job that day, because we finally GOT THAT PROMOTION! About 500 $ came into our bank account that day, and we finally managed to fill the emptiness in the apartment.


We now had a living room, a kitchen slash dining room, a bedroom and a work room which could also be used to perform yoga. That’s right. Yoga.


A sufficiently furnished place can only mean one thing: Time to… MOVE ON UP! Next stop: Culpepper House 19.

Final thoughts: I made it through the first apartment! On Day 14 we were able to move. Rent and deposit for Culpepper House 19 is 1150$, the deposit being 550$. Since we had a deposit of 600$ for Catherine’s old place, we got 50$ of our deposit back and we moved into the new place with 1392$. We had to take all the old things with us and move into the unfurnished apartment, so about 1200 $ were immediately spent on new, better furniture.

1.1 Work hard, play hard


The first day of work turned out to be eventful. Everyone was nice to her, and her colleagues made sure to show her around, but there was just so much to do.


Obviously, Catherine was not allowed to treat any patients just yet, so she had to take care of them instead. This included getting them food, talking to them and making sure that they felt as comfortable as possible. Also, she had to clean the rooms after the patients had been released, wipe up puddles of questionable origin and keep her colleagues entertained whenever there was a lull. At the end of the day Catherine was exhausted.


With 188$ more in her bank account she went to a local karaoke bar to unwind. It seemed like a good place to meet new people and get her needs up. She desperately needed some fun, and listening to music seemed like a good way to do so.


She met her friend Miku (Muki? Miko? Dammit) and they talked for a while, too. While I was checking out the cute guys in the room, I suddenly got a “ka-ching” noise and saw that her money had decreased by 21$. What had happened? Apparently, Catherine decided to get some fancy drink as a reward for her first day at work. It didn’t matter that she had no furniture at home, and only about 300$ in total. An expensive drink seemed to be appropriate. Great. This way we will never get her place furnished.  But hey, suit yourself.


To make sure that we got closer to a promotion, and therefore more money, Catherine worked extra-hard the next days. She took great care of all her patients and fulfilled every single need her colleagues had. Well, I basically made her do that, but still. It paid off, though.a-15a-16

After the second day of work we were already able to purchase a bed and half of a bathroom, as well as some basic (and used) kitchen stuff. All thanks to her work performance, the first promotion and some stuff she was given that could be used for work, but was sold by me immediately.


After the previous days had been entirely dedicated to work, she now had a day off. She wanted to use it to catch up with the friends she’d made, like girl-with-pink-hair-whose-name-I-still-have-to-look-up. Said girl was in a bad mood, though, and blew her off quickly.


Bummed, Catherine decided to walk through town and collect some stuff she could sell later. There were many bins to search. While she was buried in rubbish, it dawned on me. Green. Her hair was green. Did the game decide she couldn’t afford to dye her hair? What was that all about?

a-50After a little makeover at the mirror in the gym, she continued her trip through town and found some frogs which she was able to sell to some collectors. I have never done this before, but saw it while watching imaginingmystic’s Movin On Up, and figured it was worth a try. Although I don’t like frogs.a-55That night she got a call from Miko (I looked it up) who invited her to a karaoke party. Hoping she wanted to make up for her crappy behaviour earlier, Catherine changed out of her pyjamas and ran over there. Or did she take a cab? You never know without the open neighbourhoods from TS3. a-57

The party turned out to be Miko singing in a rather purple room with all the other rooms unoccupied. It wasn’t that exciting, to be honest, but at least the girls got to talk afterwards. And Miko is a really good singer, so that was a plus.


At some point they got talked up by a cute elder man, who, unfortunately, was far more interested in Miko than in Catherine. I am starting to look for someone who could match her, so I was a little bummed. More than her, probably.


Another free day. While it’s good that she gets some time to catch her breath, this also means no steady income. We headed to Willow Creek today, one of the basic neighbourhoods of the game, to try fishing. While this is giving me the creeps, she didn’t seem to mind at all. And although she was not very successful – only one fish in 5 hours –, she had a lot of fun. We then proceeded to search the neighbourhood for more frogs and the like, and ended up with 775$ in the bank. Yay for free days, found time capsules, fossils and frogs. Also, she picked a few posters out in San Myshuno, which you get for free and can then sell. An excellent way to make money quickly, unless the storage boxes are out of posters (which happens frequently). Still, the rare posters can get you up to 200$, which is pretty amazing.


To finish the day successfully, she grabbed some cereal from her questionable fridge and joined a crowd downstairs. Miko and the guy in black (who she also knew already, remember the first day?) were there, as well as a girl in an interesting top. They chatted for a few hours, and then she headed home. Tomorrow it was back to work!

Final thoughts: As I said, there are some great ways to make money quickly. Gaining posters and time capsules has proved to be very effective, but it still feels like I am moving slowly. The apartment needs to be furnished before I can move on to the next one, and there is still a lot to buy, which means that I will have to spend another thousand bucks or so. Also, we can’t seem to find someone Catherine is interested in. We’ll see what the next days will bring…

1.0 Home


Okay, this is it! We are moving into the first apartment, which is in 1313 21 Chic Street. This is a part of the Fashion District, and I have always considered the area to be rather high-quality. But this apartment is the cheapest one (added costs of rent and deposit), we’re going to have to start right here. The apartment description tells me that there is something off with this apartment. I wonder what that is. It looks fine to me.


screen-8There is the chalk print of a dead body in the middle of my living room. I think (!) I found the odd thing here… If I was Catherine, I would be out of here before someone could say “chalk”, but thankfully I don’t have to live there. Just see the print every time I open the game. Great. Can we move soon, please?screen-10

Catherine takes the first step immediately and finds a job. She has always wanted to become a doctor, or at least for the last twenty minutes. Hold on, something looks off about her. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s off. Dammit, that is going to bug me.


On her way to find some collectibles or other things she can turn into money (remember – she has exactly zero $ in her account), she walks down the street in front of her apartment. There is a violin player who plays quite beautifully, but unfortunately, she hasn’t got any money to donate. So we just watch for a bit and then move on.

screen-14A supposedly shy guy talks her up, but she is not very impressed. May have something to do with his outer appearance, he looks a bit odd.screen-17

See what I mean? Also, he didn’t offer her any fruit cake (which is served with a bow, apparently). Rude!


Before we get the notification that there are some people waiting to welcome her to the neighbourhood, we rummage around this random box in the middle of the street. Maybe there is a snow globe for me to sell. And voila! 20 $ are added to our account.


Then she hurries upstairs to greet her guests. Oh look, fruit cake guy is one of her neighbors, apparently. And he brought her the rest of his meal?! Do I find that endearing or gross? Anyway, she invites them in and they talk right next to the body print.


See? I wasn’t kidding. They don’t give a care in the world. Funnily enough, other people’s sims have been doing the exact same thing. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal… Maybe that is just in my head….


The conversation is interrupted as Miko (the girl in pink) randomly bursts into song. She is good, though, so we listen politely. I think I would like to be friends with this girl. Catherine approves of her, too – her wishes tell me that. She wants to become friends with Miko. Considering her aspiration this isn’t much of a surprise, but still.


Miko and Catherine then head to some public lot. I think it’s the local park? Although I have been playing in San Myshuno quite a bit, I still have trouble finding my way here. Anyway, it’s beautiful and I am hoping for some things to harvest or collect, because we still have only 20 $ in our bank account. That is nowhere near the money we need for a bed…


Catherine finds two frogs (Yikes!) and sells them for 45$. This way we aren’t going to move anytime soon, sigh. Her needs suddenly drop, and after a quick rummage through a few bins in town she heads to the gym to take a nap there (Yes, I do realize this is not why most people go to the gym, but we’re desperate).


After taking a shower, that is. I find it very amusing how she falls asleep in nothing but a towel. Aren’t you cold?? I would be freezing!


Afterwards she decides to get a snack in the local bar. It’s Gentlemen’s night, which means that there are almost exclusively male sims. Not too bad, not too bad…


She doesn’t have the innocent “Okay, don’t look now, but that guy is a total hottie”-gaze down yet. The blond guy most likely noticed that she was looking at him… oh well. No conversation follows, so it didn’t matter, anyway.


Since it’s getting closer to morning and Catherine is exhausted, she decides to crash her neighbor’s place and take a nap. Penny Pizzazz doesn’t mind her neighbour taking a nap on her couch, she continues to play a car racing game with four different characters at once (how?!). Eventually, Catherine has to leave for work. She is still tired and I hope that she is going to make it through the day. We’ll see.

Final thoughts: Oh well, that start wasn’t too bad. We earned 140 $ in total: the frogs, the snow globe and a teddy bear (!) she found in the trash. Tomorrow we will try to earn enough money for a cheap bed. She definitely needs a place to sleep.

Meet Catherine de Legatum



This is Catherine de Legatum. She is my first sim to ever take on a challenge in Sims 4, and I am really excited to see how it goes. Although there is no option to choose a favourite colour for sims, I imagine hers to be green. She is a cheerful woman who loves music and ambitiously chases after her dreams. Her aspiration is to find as many friends as possible, which should be easy considered that she is also gregarious and loves to meet new people.

The Moving On Up Challenge is kind of similar to a regular legacy, but starts out even harsher. The founder is to move into the cheapest apartment in San Myshuno without a single simoleon. That’s right, all the money is being deducted from the family funds as soon as the sim moves in. Once the founder starts to gain money, it’s my job to fill the empty apartment with furniture. As soon as she is able to pay her first rent in this apartment, and have a fully furnished place, she is allowed to move into the next apartment and the whole thing starts all over again. The ultimate goal is to move into the most expensive apartment in the city. Read more about the rules here. A list of the apartments and their order can be found here.

So this is it for now. Wish us luck on this difficult journey – difficult because I am really impatient when it comes to little money. 😉